Playlist z filmu Zůstaň se mnou (oficiální)

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Film´s music by various artists.
Soundtrack album tracklist:
1. Who Needs You - The Orwells (Song played by the band of Mia's father when she was with her mother at his concert.)
2. Until We Get There - Lucius (When Adam comes to Mia's room and gives her a bracelet with a guitar and a cello.)
3. I Want What You Have - Willamette Stone (Starts when Mia meets Adam's band.
Continues when Adam performs on stage with his band.)
4. All of me - Tanlines (Food party thrown by Mia's family, when Adam is also invited.)
5. Promise - Ben Howard (Mia and Adam hang out, play with the skateboard, have fun and kiss.)
6. Never Coming Down - Willamette Stone (Song played by the band of Adam at the Halloween party. Later, Adam is playing an acoustic version of this song when Mia comes to the band's studio.)
7. Halo - Ane Brun & Linnéa Olsson (When Mia is describing Adam's body like a cello.
When they make love.)
8. I Will Be There - Odessa (When Adam's band is going to City Limits to perform in a concert.)
9. Mind - Willamette Stone (Adam's band is playing on the Home Coming Concert.)
10. Morning - Beck (Song playing when Adam and Mia have a fight. Also when Mia is at school looking on her phone and later at the birthday party dinner.)
11. Karen Revisited - Sonic Youth ( - )
12. Today - Willamette Stone ( At the bonfire, Mia and Adam play together at their instruments, the others sing with them.)
13. Heart Like Yours - Willamette Stone (Adam plays the song he composed for Mia, when she in on the hospital bed.)
14. Heal (If I Stay Version) - Tom Odell (End credits song. Song playing after Mia is waking up.)


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